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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section!


Ranj Sund - Chair of Governors

Term of Office: September 2014 to September 2019

Sub-Committees: Finance, Premises & Health and Safety, Personnel and Pupils, Strategic Development
Link Governor to: Child Protection/ Inclusion and Looked after Children,
Health & Safety/Attendance, Art and Music

"I have a long attachment to Walbrook Nursery School and Pear Tree Infants school, all of my 3 children attended both of these, this was nurtured through my social background from living and working in the community and also from when my children were pupils here.  This relationship developed further when I was elected as Parent Governor in 2000 and two years later I became Chair to the Governing Body. 
Much has changed from those early years to the point that we are now federated with Walbrook Nursery School; this is an excellent school and the ‘new’ Governing Body has had to face some very diverse challenges reflected within the community of our schools. I am pleased to say that we have embraced this with determination and energy in line with the governments ‘every child matters’ agenda; namely that of improving the life of every child that enters on our register.
Our Governors consist of parents, local residents, elected councillors and staff, this provides a very rich source of experience and knowledge and any one of us can be contacted via the school."
Ranj Sund – Co-opted governor
Declared Interest: spouse employed at school
Business/Pecuniary Interests declared at all meetings appropriate to agenda items.

Governor Profile - Joseph Chivayo
Term of Office: September January 2016 to January 2020
Sub-Committee – Finance, Premises & Health and Safety
Link Governor to: Behaviour & lunchtimes

"Joseph identifies himself as a constructive disruptor, passionate about education, business and community cohesion. Joseph graduated with a Masters in Hospitality Management from Birmingham University and also holds a Certificate in Corporate Governance from the Governance Forum. As a school governor Joseph aims to bridge the gap between poverty and education making sure that every child gets the support and fundamental services they require for social mobility and effective learning."
Joseph Chivayo – Parent Governor
Business/Pecuniary Interests declared at all meetings appropriate to agenda items.
Governor Profile - Ewa Wolinska
Term of Office: September 2014 to September 2018
Sub-Committee – Curriculum and Strategic Development
Link Governor to:  Literacy/Drama

"I am an experienced teacher of Polish language both as foreign and as native. Our family has lived in Derby for 7 years already. I volunteered at the Polish Saturday School in Derby as a teacher for two years.
Since November 2011 I have worked for Derby City Council’s New Communities Achievement Team as a bilingual teaching assistant and family support worker.
Almost from the beginning of the post at Derby City I was given Pear Tree Infant school to provide support for new arrivals with responsibility for primary strategy.
During these years I have managed to build a relationship with the members of new communities in Derby, with Polish, Slovak and Czech families. I help them to admit their children to school and then support them during the lessons.
I know their problems, concerns and understand that they feel, sometimes lost in a different education system, because I went through the same experience."

Ewa Wolinska – Co-opted Governor
Business/Pecuniary Interests declared at all meetings appropriate to agenda items.
Governor Profile - Balwant Bubber
Term of Office:  January 2014 to January 2018
Sub-Committee – Finance, Premises/Health & Safety, Personnel & Pupils, Strategic Development, Curriculum
Link Governor to:  Numeracy, Science/Technology & ICT, History/Geography & RE, TESOL, Pupil Premium & Sports Grant

"I have been a governor at Pear Tree Infants for 17 years. All my children and grandchildren have attended Pear Tree Infants. During my time as governor, I have shown great dedication to the children, staff and parents.
I have been a local businessman since 1977 and I am well known in the community.
I have also been a magistrate for the last 16 years sitting on various committees within the judicial system. I am also proud to hold the post of Deputy to the Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire.
I have also found time to work as a St John’s Ambulance volunteer. I am currently serving as Unit Manager for the Pear Tree and Normanton Division.
I have a Master’s degree from Nottingham Trent University in Special Educational Needs.
I feel that my expertise and experience is vital to my role as a school governor and my commitment and hard work can make a difference to improving the outcomes for our parents and families."
Balwant Bubber – LA Governor
Business/Pecuniary Interests declared at all meetings appropriate to agenda items.

Governor Profile – Homaira Humayun
Term of Office:  September 2015 to September 2019
Sub-Committee –Strategic Development
Link Governor to:  SEND

"Having worked at a primary and secondary school as non-teaching staff, I have an understanding of some of the issues facing schools.  I think I can relate to parents on a personal level and how policies and procedures are perceived by parents.  As a parent, priority is that a child is safe, comfortable and enjoys school.  I think it is important to understand the aspirations of our families and recognise that Walbrook Nursery and Pear Tree Infants strives for the best in pupils."
Homaira Humayun – Parent Governor
Business/Pecuniary Interests declared at all meetings appropriate to agenda items.

Clerk: Mrs M Fowkes

The Board of Governors at Pear Tree Infant and Walbrook Nursery School are made up from three categories: -
Co-Opted Governor - a governor who is appointed by existing governors on the basis of skills and/or experience.
Parent Governor - a governor who is appointed by parents of either Walbrook Nursery School or Pear Tree Infant School or existing governors.
The definition of parent under education law covers:

  • all natural parents whether they are married or not;
  • any person who has parental responsibility for a child or young person;
  • any person who has care of a child or young person i.e. lives with and looks after the child.


The school will need to decide who comes within the definition of parent in respect of a particular pupil but generally parents include all those with day to day responsibility for a child.
Staff Governor - a governor who is appointed by members of staff at Pear Tree Infant and Walbrook Nursery School.


Currently we do not have any Associate Members on our Board of Governors.  Associate Members are not governors, they can be pupils, school staff and people who want to contribute specifically on issues related to their area of expertise (for instance, finance) can be appointed as associate members.